January Marketing Tips

  1. Mix up your Marketing in January

January is typically pretty slow with holiday makers and heat keeping flower buyers at bay. With many businesses closed until mid January and corporates quiet, it’s often a key time for florists to focus on their client weddings and forward planning for the year. This is no excuse to slack off on your social media which your followers will still be avidly scrolling through on their down time period. Keep your Instagram and Facebook feeds active on a daily basis. Even if it’s to feature wedding throw backs and inspirational, stand out events you produced in 2015. Create a display in store and “Fire sale” your Christmas stock, advertising your bargains. A sale clears out your deadwood and keeps cash flow positive. Put together a calendar of seasonal celebrations for the year and shoot out an email to all your clients to mark these dates for their flower buying.


2. Your Website

Let’s go back to marketing basics. Is your florist business visible on smartphones, tablets and iPads?

Smartphones and tablets are taking over our world. People want to view everything on their mobile, browse your services whilst they drink their morning coffee and be one tap away from ordering or visiting your store.

If your website isn’t mobile responsive then they can’t do this. They won’t do this.

They’ll engage with your competitors instead.

And the longer you put off upgrading the worse it gets. If you want to keep your business busy in January and for Valentine’s Day, act now and get yourself a mobile responsive website.  Include an online voucher they can download and redeem for being a first time customer. You want new business? Woo them!

3. Reviews

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. If you’re holding a sale or discounting in January/February then you’re presumably hoping to attract new clients to your florist/services.

What is the first thing many of these prospective new clients will do when they learn of your offers?

Go online and read your reviews. On Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor etc…  encourage your clients to post reviews so come Valentine’s Day there will be raving testimonials online for potential new clients to see.


4. Keep connected with your clients, VIPS and customers

Recent research confirmed that email marketing is still ranked the number one marketing channel for creating a return on investment for businesses. If you don’t do it – you should. Of course, promote your January offers on your social media too. But a large email database is hard to beat when it comes to marketing your florist as you can keep them directly linked to your offers, marketing and store activity.

Gift cards are also an undervalued retail marketing tool. Studies reveal 61% of gift card holders spend more than the total value of the gift card. You may already have invested in these cards, or still use vouchers but it’s a great way to build your database and attract new customers.



5. Tips and Giveaways

It’s not usually a done thing to give something away for nothing but it’s sometimes a worthwhile exercise to keep your customers engaged, interested and buying from you! We provide a “Flower of the Month” tips sheet which you can brand with your business name and give out to customers with this flower purchase – this month is Alstroemeria which you can brand and download here. Do you have any restaurants and hotels near your business you could partner with? Cross promote your services and ask them if you can run a competition utilising their services (i.e. overnight accom / breakfast-lunch-dinner voucher) in return for promotion on social media, website and in store and providing them the same opportunity redeemable for flowers.

6. Valentine’s Day Prep

Get your store prepped for Valentine’s Day. Flowers Victoria and Melbourne Market Authority will be providing florists with cute point of sale material, a social media and PR campaign to support the industry with decals/posters available online and at Epping Wholesale Flower Market mid January.

We’ve got your back and we think you will like it! Keep up to date on our website, in our newsletter and on the MMA circulars.