Marketing Tips for August

  • Daffodil Day is August 28th! Why not create a fun yellow theme in store and in your windows using daffodils and our flower of the month ‘Yellow Pearl’ jonquils?
  • Hand out our downloadable Facts Sheet with any customer purchase of jonquils. Download here Fact Sheet 20 August Lemon Pearl Jonquil. You can customise the sheet with your logo so it’s a little love from you to your customer ♥
  • Support daffodil day by donating a portion of daffodil purchases to the cancer council. More info here









  • Start to get your store ready for Spring and prepare your customers for Spring activities to get them all excited. Offer flower crown classes and Spring flower arranging for the home courses. Why not offer a discount off bride consultations for the month of Spring?
  • Time to pre-Spring clean!! Follow our tips here Store Spring Cleaning for getting your store to sparkle in readiness for Spring!
  • Start promoting yourself on social media by mocking up bridal displays and teasing all those brides in planning mode. Instagram and Pinterest is your visual voice, so get on there and start pimping out your beautiful creations to get noticed!
  • Buddying up with venues and event companies is a sure fire way to build corporate and event work that you might not otherwise get. Do up a cute arrangement and send it to a select few weekly with a “pick me” card including your details and social media addresses. You will get noticed and it might not happen straight away, but better to be in their faces then not on their radar at all! At the very least, you will gain some new followers!