Marketing tips for June

Tips for June

The first of the Winter months marks the official end to wedding season, except for the cluster of Winter brides that opt for cooler climes. Whilst many florists have a chance to catch their breaths and plan ahead for the remainder of the year, it’s prime time to truly enjoy a time for creative thinking and take advantage of the stunning Winter varieties coming into season.

Online Presence

  • Your online portfolio is the most important part of your website. These tips will help prospective clients see your work and sign up for a consultation!
  • Set Up Vendor Pages: Most wedding websites have vendor sections where brides can find local wedding services. Set up a vendor page with your portfolio, contact information, and a link to your florist website to get more organic traffic.
  • Consider Starting A Separate Wedding Website: Although a wedding website may divert traffic and SEO from your main florist website, it will also have greater impact and a portfolio that is tailored to brides and wedding planners.
  • If you do this, all your links off of Google for Business, Yelp, etc. should link to your main website while links off of bridal websites should link to your wedding-specific site.

Your marketing Profile

More and more couples are using the internet to find local wedding florists. Online marketing can help your flower shop stand out from the competition!

Advertise On Wedding Websites: Bridal websites like and offer free and/or paid adverting space for wedding vendors. Add your flower shop to their website, and make sure to include your portfolio.

Use Local Florist SEO: The content on your florist website determines your ranking in popular search engines. Make sure your florist website features pages devoted to popular wedding venues in your local area and relevant keywords that are important to your local audience.

Your visual profile


Both online and off street, your business needs to look open, successful, welcoming and exciting. Florist are idea generators and a go to for Brides, Stylists, Event Managers and every day people looking for every day ways to bring flowers into their lives.  Promote seasonal lines on your pavement Aframes, in your windows and near your counters. Advertise your market days so that your customers know when market fresh blooms hit yours stores.


Be a Flower Guru


Customers love to ask questions and want to be able to purchase flowers from a trusted source. Be their guide! Hold in store classes on How to look after orchids. Promote varieties with handy tips sheets like our Flower of the month and Poppy Facts Sheet which you can brand with your florist business name and hand out to customers. Download it here! Information is free so be creative and gift it to customers!













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