Marketing Tips for the Month – June

Welcome to Winter! There are many positives once the temperature starts to dive. Flower life is extended and bulbs burst to life! You can display more outside your stores and en masse with the comfort that they will last and remain stronger for longer!

– Give your windows the ‘royal treatment’ whether you are a royalist or not! The Queen’s Birthday holiday is a great excuse to theme your window with flower crowns or regal blooms and velvet.

– It is rumoured the Queens favourite flower is the carnation. Create some carnation flower balls for your window and sell them in store. These sweet smelling pom poms are a great addition to the home and also a fab gift idea!








– Create a mossy woodland theme in the store with lots of lichen covered branches and candles. Battery operated faux candles are a great way to get your window glowing at night – and a lot safer than potentially burning your store down!

– Download our Fact Sheet 18 June Bouvardia on our Flower of the Month ‘Bouvardia’ to hand out to your customers when they buy this beautiful flower in their arrangements.

– Why not build your bridal profile by offering Winter Bridal consultations a complimentary hot chocolate with their appointment? It’s a small way to create a ‘feel good’ vibe and build rapport with your bride to be.

– During quieter times it’s a good time to practice installations to get you and the team up to speed and across techniques to build those amazing arches, chandeliers and flower walls. Display your creations in store and in your windows and Instagram them! Tell your followers that they can come down to see your floral art in person. What a great way to connect with your fans and convert to potential sales!

– Ensure you are keeping your social media up to date and personal. We love how The Little Flower Box promotes their beautiful blooms by telling the story behind each arrangement and uploading to their Instagram and Facebook pages. Not only does it show the diversity in arrangements, it is a real life touch point which personalises your flowers. Check out littleflowerbox (  to see what we are talking about. Clever marketing!

– Talking points! People love them. Our fresh flower market is a treasure trove for new and exciting varieties of flowers, foliage and sometimes strangeness! Why don’t you grab an out of the ordinary seasonal bunch and arrange them on your counter to encourage customer reaction and enquiry.

– Tea time! Who doesn’t love a cuppa, particularly when it’s freezing outside? Our friends at Tea Tonic have some amazing botanical varieties of tea on offer that is the perfect complement to your blooms if you are looking to add to your gift lines! Visual merchandise their tea varieties with matching colours and blooms to stimulate paired flower/gift sales.








– You can also keep a glass thermal jug on hand with sample cups to provide the ultimate sensory experience for your customers!