Top tips for November!

Top Tips for November

November is usually a fast paced, blink if you miss it month in the lead up to the festive season. It’s a fantastic time to ramp up excitement for Christmas and get your business in full prep mode.

  1. Showcase Spring in full bloom in fun seasonal pre mixed bouquets in your high traffic areas within the store.
  2. Promote our Flower of the Month ‘Gypsy’ by making up little bunches of hot pink goodness. Download our Gypsy Fact Sheets to give out to customers here.
  3. Deck your staff out in flower crowns and button holes so that they are a walking advertisement for hair and lapel adornments on race days in Spring.
  4. Start planning and ordering your Christmas gifts, cards and sundries. Look for fun themes this year with can be merchandised and coordinated back to your window display
  5. Get ‘wreath ready’ with DIY workshops or customised wreaths service for customers in store. Do up some demo’s and get them up on your social media and have some flyers printed to circulate in your area.
  6. Why don’t you promote your skills and services to businesses in the area? The lead up to December is a good time for team building and what better way than to organise Christmas Flower Arranging workshops for staff? Either hold them in store or on site. This could be a new revenue stream for your business!
  7. The wind down to the end of the year is a time where people are contemplating change and refresh, so start plugging your business to new and existing corporates in your area to get your foot in the door. You never know who is looking for a new florist and who is sick of the one they already have!
  8. Copper is still a big trend and is a lovely warm Christmas colour. We love these copper wire fairy lights which would look fab in your windows or to light up arrangements Bollywood style! They are battery operated and safe to wind into arrangements for something fun and festive. We love them unfurled and arranged in bell jars as per image below.



You can probably buy them off a good wholesaler, but here are a couple we found!

Available at Nest $29 for 5 metres here

Available at Ledamae $30 for 4.8 metres. Click here.