Flower of the Month – Poinsettia

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Like egg nog, roast turkey and Santa Clause, the Poinsettia is one of the classic symbols of Christmas. Traditionally grown in a velvety crimson colour this plant originated in Mexico, and is now grown throughout the world where climates and conditions are appropriate. Poinsettias are also now grown... continue reading

Flower of the Month – Peony

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  The peony is somewhat of an ingénue in the flower world. A popular choice for many brides and spring loving home owners; the peony is not quite as grand as a garden rose, yet it alludes a softness that once saw single stems sell for thousands of dollars according to Chinese folklore. In... continue reading

Flower of the Month – Tulip

parrot tulip
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Whilst the tulip is synonymous with Holland, it appears that wild tulips were first cultivated in Persia in about the 10th century AD , having been brought to the country from Syria. Tulips in Persia were considered heaven on earth and were accorded an almost divine status. The first tulips... continue reading

Flower of the Month – Hellebores

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Family: Ranunculaceae This bewitching and magical Winter bloom is historically known for both beauty and it’s bite. Historians believe it to be one of the plants (part of herbal mixture) responsible for death of Alexander the Great and according to a legend, witches used hellebore for the... continue reading

Flower of the Month – June

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Poppy Family:  Papaveraceae. The beautiful delicate and papery poppy is a popular choice in European countries, used in bridal bouquets and arrangements. They are symbolic flower for many reasons and have a strong and historic association with wars and memorials, particularly red coloured... continue reading