Flower of the Month – May

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Flower of the Month - Gerbera Family: Asteraceae The Gerbera, as we know it, is quite the shape shifter. They are either loved or hated by florists and flower lovers.  Something interesting is starting to happen as Dahlia’s have enjoyed a major comeback, so too have the similar sisterly... continue reading

Flower of the Month – Stock

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Flower: Stock Scientific Name: Matthiola incana This sweetly fragrant flower really needs a new name as they sound so very boring when they are so cottage garden pretty! The flowers come in a number of different colours – pink, red, yellow, lilac and purple – but the most common is white and... continue reading

Flower of the Month – Hollyhock

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Common Name: Hollyhock Latin name: Alcea sp. Family: Malvaceae:  Mallow Family Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) is a biennial plant native to China, meaning the foliage appears the first season as a low clump of leaves, followed the second year by the flowers. The leaves are deep green, leathery, and two... continue reading

Flower of the Month – Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria-Flower mix
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The beautiful but humble Alstroemeria is known as the unsung hero in most bouquets and arrangements. The attractive blooms are often used as a ‘filler’ flower and the delicate, unique markings often overlooked when mixed with feature flowers. With no fragrance, “Alstro” is a great choice in... continue reading

Flower of the Month – December – Delphinium

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Scientific Name: Delphinium Common Name: Larkspur, Delphinium From ocean blue to crisp white, the dainty delphinium, also known as Larkspur in the Northern hemisphere, is on everyone’s radar right now. Flowering late Spring to late Summer, the lean and billowing stems studded with buds and... continue reading