10 Questions with our Florist of the Month – Elwood / The Leaf Florist

Based in the quaint bohemiam bayside village of Elwood, this Elwood Florist has evolved from it’s former space “behind the bananas” in the organic grocer located metres away. With Manager and seasoned florist Robyne Pringle at the helm, the only way is up for business owner Greg Davis. We stopped by to ask a few questions.

1.When did you get started and why?

We started at Leaf Grocer, subleasing a tiny corner next to the banana’s until the flowers side of the Grocer was proving more popular! After a year of putting natives next to the banana’s to prevent ethylene produced from fruit spoiling the flowers, and fighting for cool room space, a premises became vacant further down the street. Greg bought the business and renovated the former jeweller and shoe maker, transforming the interior with in-built coolrooms, a lick of white paint and polished concrete. Flowers and Plants were always dear to his heart with his grandfather a winning orchid grower and wife an ex florist. Manager Robyne was destined for floristry following work experience in year 11 that led to many years at Melbourne based florists including Lilypad and Camberwell Market Florist

2.What do you specialise in?

Fresh flowers! We go to Epping Market 3 times a week and lucky to have reliable, fantastic suppliers including Green Wedge, Dakota Flower Company, Tulip Garden, Monvale and Mr Fresh.

3. What do you do to keep your store up to date and on trend?

Talk to people at the wholesale flower market about what’s in season, see what’s on Instagram, research new vessels and terrariums. Mix things up every 18 months.

4. What feedback are you getting from your customers on your store?

Very positive and community honesty! We have converted a lot of customers purely through word of mouth and our 5 day policy. If flowers don’t last 5 days, bring them back and we replace them or they get their money back. We will then take up the issue with our supplier.

5. What’s your favourite flower combination?

Anything fresh, smelly and gorgeous. We have access to beautiful garden roses and tuberose which our customers love.

6. What’s trending in your store at the moment?

Anything hanging! Hosta’s, devils ivy and cascading varieties do really well. People don’t mind paying more for Garden roses which are just so lovely at the moment.

7. How do you build your customer base?

Social media and word of mouth. Our website is going up shortly so we are putting a lot into it the technology and navigation.

8. Where do you source your flowers from?

Epping Wholesale Flower Market.

9. What is your favourite thing about the flower industry?

Variety. Even though it’s the same thing every day in retail, it’s always evolving with variety and product.

10. What does the future look like for Elwood Florist?

“Big” and really exciting. We are looking at expansion, ecommerce and much more. This is just the beginning!


(left to right: Greg David, Robyne Pringle and Caitlin Maxwell)