Flowers Victoria Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is a chance to simply show gratitude for the presence of love in our lives, and depending on your personality there are many ways to do this. Peruse our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to discover the perfect way to say ‘I Love You’ with flowers.


A Classic Gesture67947b4d405efa8e085ff65ae52a8671

In the modern era the failsafe gesture of love on Valentine’s Day is to send flowers. It really is a special feeling to catch sight of beautiful blooms, only to discover the delivery person is walking your way and the loving gesture is for you. There are an increasing number of online florists and delivery services making it easier than ever. You like to keep things simple, but let’s be honest; emojis won’t cut it this year. Why not send a little rush of love and joy your partner’s way this Valentine’s Day?!



Celebrate Love

4c1c82d372bd177f1670ee5ed17641acYou’re happy in love and you’re not afraid to show it. Without getting too soft and fuzzy, love is the purest human emotion and you want to show your partner gratitude for the bond that you share. Dinner is booked, a perfectly wrapped gift is hidden in your sock drawer and you’ve pre ordered a bouquet of fresh local blooms from that great artsy florist down the road. You have pre ordered the flowers, right?! Having put in so much effort and preparation with the other elements of the night, don’t get caught with last minute left overs on the biggest flowers buying date of the year! Call you florist, plan ahead… Be that guy!


Spoil Your Lover


It goes without saying you and your partner love to shower each other with gifts, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Love is great, love is grand and thanks to clever marketing campaigns, your inner voice is always saying things like ‘you only live once’ & ‘just do it’. The only problem is how will you top last year’s effort?! If you’ve got a bit of cash to splash, the on trend display of affection on Valentine’s Day is to simply fill a room with blooms. Hire out a suite in town or at your favourite weekend B&B and with the help of a trained eye transform it into a floral oasis. This gesture promises to be unforgettable!