Growers of the Month

“The Growers Walk of Art”  at Melbourne Flower & Garden Show

We teamed up with amazing accommodation group Art Series Hotels who are renowned for their collections of Australian contemporary art which fill each of their themed hotels. At this years Melbourne Flower & Garden Show, our growers were tasked with drawing inspiration from selected artworks and pairing their Australian grown flowers with the individual artworks. We loved watching how the flowers transformed each space and uniquely adapted a concept to work with each artists work. We have decided our Grower of the Month will this month be focussed on our many Growers of last month that took part in this years show.



1st – Dakota Flower Company, styled by The Style Co

2nd – Koomens Flowers

3rd – Wandin Valley Flowers


1. Grower: Australian Roses

Artwork: Duck L’Orange

Artist: John Olsen Florist: Scentsational

Variety: Roses

The vivid colours and organic brush strokes of Olsen’s Duck L’Orange are a perfect compliment to the Australian grown roses previewing a beautiful range of sunset hued colours grown to premium quality by family business ‘Australian Roses’ nestled in the beautiful hills of Monbulk.

Australian Roses












2. Grower: Sunny Hill Flowers

Artwork: Pirurpa Kalarintja

Artist: Tommy Watson Florist: The Road Stall

Variety: Lilies, Dutch Iris

Sunny Hill Flowers, known for their stunning glasshouse grown lilies and field Dutch Irisses grown at altitude in the Dandenong Ranges, have picked up on the modern shapes and contemporary colours featured in the indigenous “Pirurpa Kalarintja” by Yannima Pikarli Tommy Watson. Their contemporary display is an extension of the colour journey depicted by the Pitjantjatjara elder and Lawman, a depiction of unique landforms and landscape contours.













3. Grower: Wandin Valley Flowers

Artwork: Tea Party

Artist: Charles Blackman

Variety: Alstroemeria

Wandin Valley Flowers were inspired by “The Tea Party” because this art piece is quirky and fun and a great way to showcase their extensive range of colours and varieties of locally grown alstroemeria. Who doesn’t love a good tea party? Hopefully everyone will be inspired to love their alstroemeria too!

Wandin Valley Flowers











4. Grower: Gloriosa Nursery

Artwork: Giraffe, Mt Kenya

Artist: John Olsen

Variety: Gloriosa Lily

The captivating and rich tones of this beautiful animal depicted in Olsens ‘Giraffe’ struck a chord with Gloriosa Nursery who specialise in production of the exotic ‘Gloriosa Lily’. As the Gloriosa is native to sub-Saharan Africa (i.e. Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania etc) the art work is a wonderful connection to the origin and symbolism of this flower which themes this display.

Gloriosa Nursery











5. Grower: Five Ways Flowers

Artwork:  Skipping Girl 2

Artist: Charles Blackman Stylist: The Love Assembly/Box Hill Institute

Variety: Lisianthus

Skipping Girl was selected as it inspired a playful interplay with the central image (five ways of skipping) and vintage inspiration from 1950’s Australia incorporating one of this growers specialty lines of lisianthus. This is a feminine and graceful flower that beautifully embodies the overall theme of the painting and is grown in 5 distinct colours. The assorted available colours have been introduced to compliment the dusky tones in this beautiful piece.

Five Ways Flowers











6. Grower: Koomens

Artwork: Big Frog Little Frog

Artist: John Olsen

Variety: Mixture of field varieties

The inspiration was found from the bright, vibrant colours, yellow and green in the painting.

Koomens Flowers sell many bright varieties of flowers, especially Chrysanthemums.

We couldn’t go past creating a scene of green frogs sitting on a Lily Pad.












7. Grower: Halit Flowers

Artwork: Alpaca Holiday

Artist: David Larwill  Stylist: The Love Assembly/Box Hill Institute

Variety: Gypsophelum

This colourful expressionist painting by David Larwill captures a whimsical simplicity that is also found in this Grower’s variety of gypsophelum. The locally grown farm fresh flowers are perfectly displayed with a rural industrial theme reminiscent of a farm shed also picking up the electric blue colour in the artwork as a fresh contrast

Halit Flowers











8. Grower: Bloomin’ Koomen

Artwork: Four School Girls

Artist: Charles Blackman Florist: Ruby Soho Flowers

Variety: Roses

An extension of Blackman’s Four School Girls which explores the themes of vulnerability and emotion. The image of the school girls is haunting yet stunning just like the rose. The rose and the school girls aren’t so different – the children with scabby knees, and roses with rough thorny stems. Both have beautiful delicate heads that need to be tended to passionately to evolve to their best potential.

Bloomin Koomen











9. Grower: JJ Farm Flowers

Artwork: Nude and Flowers

Artist: Charles Blackman Stylist: The Love Assembly/Box Hill Institute

Variety: Gladioli

The colour, harmony and clean lines of this modern composition by Charles Blackman fuses perfectly with the long, lean femininity of the Gladioli grown under the sun and in the rolling hills out the back of Mount Dandenong overlooking Victoria’s Yarra Valley. With a nod to wine country and the deep russet colours in this art piece, barrels embrace this celebration of nature and colour.

JJ Farm Flowers











10. Grower: TNB Tulips

Artwork: Jumping Frog

Artist: John Olsen Stylist: The Love Assembly/Box Hill Institute

Variety: Tulips

Olsen’s curious green tree frog leaping into mid air inspired the organic nature of TNB’s tulip display. The fluidity of the frogs form challenges the traditional methodology of flower arrangement and the tulips replicate the jumping nature of the frog and are captured suspended in raw form and floating serenely in lily pads where frogs play.

TNB Tulips











11. Grower: Dakota Flower Co

Artwork: Minotaur

Artist: Adam Cullen  Stylist: The Style Co

Variety: Natives

The bold, pop style of Cullen and the masculinity in the form of the bull is a perfect pairing with Australian native varieties grown in the sprawling fields of Trentham by Dakota Flower Company. The textural and vivid elements of the flowers and foliage is expressed through a warm palette of reds, pinks, yellows depicted in the artwork and softened with indigenous foliage.

Dakota Flower Co