Is bigger better? According to latest floral trends – yes!

If you have been doing your research, and most florists are forever on Instagram garnering inspiration and ideas, you will have noticed that big blustery blooms are very in focus right now!

There are the gigantic wrapped flower arrangements to be delivered to unsuspecting recipients at their homes, or god forbid, their workplaces (hopefully they are not commuters – although watching them on their evening journey home would be amusing). Then there are the epic bridal bouquets that cascade, splinter off asymmetrically and unfurl in a floral flurry that look absolutely amazing.

What is most essential is that trends should not dictate the direction that is taken with brides. Even the most petite bride who is hung up on humungous flower bouquets needs to be talked into something that is not going to swamp her as she ambles down the aisle clutching a giant wad of blooms rendering her barely visible. Perhaps sway them in a slightly condensed version that mimics the shape and structure of the bouquet, but on a smaller scale. If she needs further convincing, make up a mock up and once she has a sense of the scale and weight, she will probably have a solid rethink!

The ‘big is best trend’ floral bouquet for daily deliveries can be entirely celebrated with both traditional, tropical and native varieties to great effect and quite cost effectively at the production end. Batching bunches out with foliage, especially gum varieties, which are making a huge comeback, are a great option to designing a super bouquet. Just hope that the recipient has a suitable vase/vessel to house this spectacular surprise.

Here are some big blooms we love!

1. Rustic garden bridal bouquet via Nice and Chic











2. Ridiculously big but beautiful fresh flowers via Anthropologie











3. Hot colours mixed through with spinning gum  for Flower Deliveries via Pinterest












4. A UK celebrity struggling to carry her super blooms! Via












5. A jumbo seasonal bouquet featuring wattle, gum, hypericum, roses and textural foliage awaits delivery at The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney












6. For the truly unconventional, have the groom carry a giant bouquet of carrots! Via









7. Tulips, roses and garden foliage form this oversized, unstructured natural style bridal bouquet via pinterest