Marketing Tips – Chinese New Year

We are so lucky to live in a country like Australia where there is a diverse range of cultures. With this comes an enhanced understanding of the many wonderful festivals celebrated around the world, and Chinese New Year is no exception. The festival signifies the start of the Lunar calendar year and major celebrations have begun and will continue until 12th Feb 2017.


As is the case with many celebrations of new beginnings and hopes for prosperity, flowers are an integral part of this event. This presents a fantastic opportunity for florists as many will want specific flower varieties to give as gifts and for decorative purposes around the home.


It is highly advisable to have an abundance of red flowers and wrap available for customers as this is the colour of choice. Red gladiolas are sure to be hugely popular, although it’s best to sell them closed as many hope for them to bloom in the New Year, signifying good luck. Orchids are also a much loved variety as they denote refinement and luxury. Other varieties of lucky horticulture include: peach & plum blossoms, peonies, pussy willow, water fairy flower, oranges, pomelos, grapes and kumquats. Just imagine the gorgeous bouquets that could be created!


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Flowers Victoria would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our members and supporters a lucky and prosperous Lunar new year!


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